SBS Rear Brake Pads HS Street Sinter (881LS)


SBS Rear Brake Pads HS Street Sinter (881LS)

OE replacement compound for bikes with sintered pads
Designed for modern high performance, sport and big touring bikes
Sintered compound offering predictable and controllable performance for rear wheel use
Exclusive rear wheel compound formulated according to OEM concept offering ideal front/rear brake balance, to avoid over-braking and rear wheel lock-up
Excellent for stainless steel or cast iron brake discs

Made in Denmark

Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S (SBS) is the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle brake pads for street, off road and racing.
For more than 30 years their aim has been to offer the most complete range of motorcycle brake pads in a variety of friction materials developed to suit specific purposes like street, off-road and racing - always based on their philosophy: "The highest performance of brake system technology can only be achieved by selecting the best friction materials".

SBS Rear Brake Pads HS Street Sinter (881LS)
SBS Rear Brake Pads HS Street Sinter (881LS)
£23.75 - Free UK Delivery

For the following Bikes:

Honda CB500 X 2013

Honda CB500 X 2014

Honda CB500 X 2015

Honda CB500 X 2016

Honda CB500 X 2017

Honda CB500 X 2018

Honda CB500 X 2019

Honda CB500 X 2020

Honda CB500 XA 2013

Honda CB500 XA 2014

Honda CB500 XA 2015

Honda CB500 XA 2016

Honda CB500 XA 2017

Honda CB500 XA 2018

Honda CB500 XA 2019

Honda CB500 XA 2020

Honda CB500 XA 2021

Honda CB500 F 2013

Honda CB500 F 2014

Honda CB500 F 2015

Honda CB500 F 2016

Honda CB500 F 2017

Honda CB500 FA 2013

Honda CB500 FA 2014

Honda CB500 FA 2016

Honda CB500 FA 2015

Honda CB500 FA 2017

Honda CB500 FA 2018

Honda CB500 FA 2019

Honda CB650 F 2014

Kawasaki Z800 2013

Kawasaki Z900 2017

Honda CBR650 F-E 2014

Honda CBR650 F-F 2015

Honda CBR650 F-G 2016

Honda CBR650 F-H 2017

Honda CBR650 F-J 2018

Honda CBR650 FA-E 2014

Honda CBR650 FA-F 2015

Honda CBR650 FA-G 2016

Honda CBR650 FA-H 2017

Honda CBR650 FA-J 2018

Honda CB650 F 2015

Honda CB650 F 2016

Honda CB650 F 2017

Honda CB650 F 2018

Honda CB650 FA 2014

Honda CB650 FA 2015

Honda CB650 FA 2016

Honda CB650 FA 2017

Honda CB650 FA 2018

Kawasaki Z800 2014

Kawasaki Z800 2015

Kawasaki Z800 2016

Kawasaki Z900 2018

Kawasaki Z900 2019

Honda CBR500 R/RA - D 2013

Honda CBR500 R/RA - E 2014

Honda CBR500 R/RA - F 2015

Honda CBR500 R/RA - G 2016

Honda CBR500 R/RA - H 2017

Honda CBR500 R/RA - J 2018

Honda CBR500 R/RA - K 2019

Honda CBR500 R/RA - L 2020

Honda CBR500 R/RA - L 2021

Suzuki SFV650 K9 Gladius 2009

Suzuki SFV650 L0 Gladius 2010

Suzuki SFV650 L1 Gladius 2011

Suzuki SFV650 L2 Gladius 2012

Suzuki SFV650 L3 Gladius 2013

Suzuki SFV650 L4 Gladius 2014

Suzuki SFV650 L5 Gladius 2015

Honda 750 X-Adv 2021

Honda 750 X-Adv 2022

Honda 750 X-Adv 2023

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