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For: Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer (2001 to 2005)


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Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer

Covers 2001 to 2005 Models

Genuine D.I.D Gold X-Ring Chain & JT Sprockets Kit

Front & Rear Top Quality JT Carbon Steel Sprockets(16 Tooth Front & 44 Tooth Rear)

1 x D.I.D Japanese Professional Gold X-Ring VXGB Series OE Chain (with a rivit type connecting link)

Please note;The image is an example only

D.I.D is a Japanese original equipment chain

D.I.D X-Ring reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed. Normal O-Rings and other makers’ modified O-Rings have squashed points that increase friction. The twisting resilience of the X-Ring’s four sections greatly increases its sealing performance. This keeps the dirt out and the lubrication in much better than any other O-Ring. X-Rings have the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or Non-O-Ring chain

In developing the Pro-Street VX Series, D.I.D focused on improving chain “Rigidity”. Traditionally, “Tensile Strength” has been used to measure the strength of a chain. But Tensile Strength is only a laboratory measurement of a chain’s “breaking point”. Rigidity increases a chain's ability to withstand forces that occur in a rider’s real world experience. Rigidity increases power transfer from the engine to the ground and greater resistance to stretching under load. This translates into smooth handling and quicker response time.

JT Sprockets

JT sprockets are made using only the best available materials.SCM415 chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, and we are the only sprocket manufacturer using the ultra-durable high carbon C49 steel for rear sprockets.The JT Sprockets factory is the largest and most advanced in the world. It is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment.The essence of a high quality sprocket is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining, JT ensures maximum durability and performance.JT Sprockets are manufactured the right way – by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only proven way to achieve the closest of tolerances and the most accurate teeth profiles.

Heat treated and hand finished to perfection, all JT sprockets meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards set for the motorcycle industry.

Suitable for the following bikes:
Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer (2001 to 2005)