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Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits

Kits contain all of the components to re-seal leaking master cylinders.

Copper washers

Cup seals  Spring & Circlip & O Rings

Replacement screws where applicable 

Suitable for the following bikes:
Honda CB1000 R-8 NON ABS Model (2008)
Honda CB1000 R-9 NON ABS Model (2009)
Honda CB1000 R-A NON ABS Model (2010)
Honda CB1000 RA-8 ABS Model (2008)
Honda CB1000 RA-9 ABS Model (2009)
Honda CB1000 RA-A ABS Model (2010)
Honda CB1000 RA-B ABS Model (2011)
Honda CB1000 RA-C ABS Model (2012)
Honda CBR600 RR-3 (2003) PC37
Honda CBR600 RR-4 (2004) PC37
Honda CBR600 RR-5 (2005) PC37
Honda CBR600 RR-6 (2006) PC37
Honda CBR900 RR-2 Fireblade 954cc (2002) SC50
Honda CBR900 RR-3 Fireblade 954cc (2003) SC50
Honda CBR900 RR-N Fireblade (1992) SC28
Honda CBR900 RR-P Fireblade (1993) SC28
Honda CBR900 RR-R Fireblade (1994) SC28
Honda CBR900 RR-S Fireblade (1995) SC28
Honda CBR900 RR-T Fireblade (1996) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-V Fireblade (1997) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-W Fireblade (1998) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-X Fireblade (1999) SC33
Honda CBR900 RRY/RR1 Fireblade (2000 to 2001)