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525 VXGB  x 108 Link

Gold Sideplates

DID is a Japanese original equipment chain DID's patented X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed.Normal O-Rings and other makers modified O-Rings have squashed points that increase friction.The twisting action of the X-Ring disperses the pressure and minimises power loss.Supplied with a Rivit Type connecting link. 

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Suitable for the following bikes:
Honda CBR600 F-2 (2002)
Honda CBR600 F-3 (2003)
Honda CBR600 F-4 (2004)
Honda CBR600 F-5 (2005)
Honda CBR600 F-6 (2006)
Honda CBR600 F-7 (2007)
Honda CBR600 F-V (1997) PC31
Honda CBR600 F-W (1998) PC31
Honda CBR600 F-X (1999) PC35
Honda CBR600 F-Y (2000) PC35
Honda CBR900 RR-T Fireblade (1996) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-V Fireblade (1997) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-W Fireblade (1998) SC33
Honda CBR900 RR-X Fireblade (1999) SC33
Kawasaki ZX-6R G1 (1998) ZX600
Kawasaki ZX-6R G2 (1999) ZX600
Kawasaki ZX-6R J1 (2000) ZX600
Kawasaki ZX-6R J2 (2001) ZX600
Suzuki GSXR400 RR L-M-N-P-S (1990 to 1994)
Suzuki GSXR600 Srad W-V/W/X (1997 to 1999)
Suzuki GSXR600 Srad WY (2000)
Suzuki SV650 S Faired (1999 to 2002)
Suzuki SV650 S K3-4-5-6-7-8 Faired (2003 to 2008)