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Full Set Of Rear Wheel Bearings with Sprocket Carrier Bearing and All Rubber Dust Seals

(To fit the rear wheel and sprocket carrier)

By AllBalls Racing U.S.A

Wheel Bearing & Seal Kits

All Balls high-speed bearings are manufactured to ABEC 3 precision levels 

Triple lip rubber seals keep the grease in and the water and dirt out

Chevron SRI 2 grease contains rust and oxidation inhibitors (-29° C - 177° C)

Double lip type TC seals with stainless steel garter springs

(Picture is an Example only)

Suitable for the following bikes:
Suzuki GS500 E-K1 (2001)
Suzuki GS500 E-K2 (2002)
Suzuki GS500 E-K3 (2003)
Suzuki GS500 E-K4 (2004)
Suzuki GS500 E-K5 (2005)
Suzuki GS500 E-K6 (2006)
Suzuki GS500 E-K7 (2007)
Suzuki GS500 E-T (1996)
Suzuki GS500 E-V (1997)
Suzuki GS500 E-W (1999)
Suzuki GS500 E-X (1999)
Suzuki GS500 E-Y (2000)
Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (GK75A) Japanese Domestic Model (1989 to 1995)
Suzuki GSF400 L-M-N Bandit (1990 to 1992)
Suzuki GSX600 F -N-P-R-S-T-V (1992 to 1997)
Suzuki GSX600 F-K1 (2001)
Suzuki GSX600 F-K2 (2002)
Suzuki GSX600 F-K3 (2003)
Suzuki GSX600 F-K4 (2004)
Suzuki GSX600 F-W (1998)
Suzuki GSX600 F-X (1999)
Suzuki GSX600 F-Y (2000)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K1 (2001)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K1 (2001)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K2 (2002)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K2 (2002)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K3 (2003)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K4 (2004)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K5 (2005)
Suzuki GSX750 F-K6 (2006)
Suzuki GSX750 F-X (1999)
Suzuki GSX750 F-Y (2000)
Suzuki SV650 X-Y-K1-K2 Unfaired (1999 to 2002)
Suzuki SV650 S Faired (1999 to 2002)
Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis (1987 to 1989)