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Steering Head Bearing Set.

Consists of ;2 Taper Roller Bearings with Races & Both Dust Seals 

By AllBalls Racing U.S.A

Tapered Steering Bearing Kit

Upgrade ball style bearings to heavy duty taper bearings.  Direct replacement for OEM taper bearings

Suitable for the following bikes:
Honda CBF125 (2009)
Honda CBF125 (2010)
Honda CBF125 (2011)
Honda CBF125 (2012)
Honda CBR125 R-4 (2004)
Honda CBR125 R-5 (2005)
Honda CBR125 R-6 (2006)
Honda CBR125 R-7 (2007)
Honda CBR125 R-8 (2008)
Honda CBR125 R-9 (2009)
Honda CBR125 R-A (2010)